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T1GN Media Update

When I saw Christopher Witherspoon’s “RAGE” sitting in my mailbox I was so excited to  watch it, but me being a horror fan practically since birth I know that if it’s an “indie” flick it will probably be bad (just look at the majority of Troma’s flix…and I love Troma!). […]

Rage Review

“Blood Night: The Legend of Mary Hatchet” is an independant horror film written and directed by Frank Sabatella and stars two of my favorite genre actors, Danielle Harris and Bill Moseley.  Here’s a quick little synopsis: a group of “teens” celebrating the anniversary of the death of local axe murderer, […]

Blood Night Review *Spoilers*

I am not really into going out to the movies, mainly because the majority of movies that come out are shit and in this tough economic time I can not justify spending over $10 to see garbage, and don’t get me started on this 3-D bullshit.

Wolfman Review